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November 8, 2012

Dear Laura and Nathaniel:

This letter is to appreciate the valued service you have provided related to turning of those Hi 8mm and VHS tapes to avi files.

We didn't expect those 8mm tapes which were old as nearly 25 years could ever be viewed again. They were unused for a period of more than ten years, since my camcorder was broken, and they were left aside.

Fortunately, I came across your website and could contact you and I must say that you did a marvelous job by bringing those sweet memories back to life. My family is thoroughly enjoying viewing of the good old days once again. Many thanks!

It's an amazing experience! We wish you great success in this field!

We will send you another set of old VHS tapes in the near future and very much are confident in expecting the same level of great service from Film-Fix.

Thanks once again!


Sunil Pinto
Island of Mauritius, by way of Daytona Beach,

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